Photo from the summer school 2023 social event

Welcome to the summer school on biomedical image analysis. The summer school is taking place in Denmark and is the sixteenth summer school jointly organized by DIKU, DTU, and AAU.


Biomedical image analysis is a broad topic that covers a variety of disciplines in modern computer science, AI Research, medical sciences and biology. In this summer school, we aim at given the participant a good overview of the current state-of-the-art in several of the fundamental topics used in modern biomedical image analysis.

Biomedical image analysis typically starts with the acquisition of data. This can for example be large 3D volume data from high-energy scanners, human motion data from optical or infrared sensors, cell images from microscopes or standard historical photos of species. We have invited a group of speakers that are specialist in several of these techniques.

A common issue with complex data is how to represent the data in a compact way but where the information is still preserved. Currently, there is a large research interest in implicit representation of 3D shapes for machine learning. These representation and other suitable ways of handling complex biomedical data is also presented at the summer school.

While much modern image analysis is based on large deep neural networks, there is still a need for knowing about core methods like advanced 3D morphological analysis and statistics of shapes. There will be expert speakers in this field.

With the modern data driven approaches it can be very hard to judge the fairness and biases of the models. We will have a session on these complex topic.

The course will include group based project work, where the participants make a programming project relating their research to the summer school’s topics. It will be in the form of a challenge.


Registration is open!

Important dates

Please check the practicalities for your planning. We have also arranged some social events.

The exercises will be in the form of a team challenge. Details will be published in Spring 2024.


We gratefully thank our sponsors


The summer school will be held at Hotel Christiansminde in Svendborg on the Danish island Fyn.

Hotel Christiansminde